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EJS Aviation Ltd is a Luxury private jet charter company offering quality business & VIP charter jets, with a top quality service arranged by experts down to the very last detail.

Many of EJS private aircraft charters are owned by large corporations and individuals, who rent their luxury aircraft for private charter when not in use by themselves.

EJS are dedicated to the customers needs and choose the best aircraft charter to suit your needs for your flight to and from Ibiza, Spain.

We carefully select private jets according to your destination, specific needs, schedule, comfort, number of passengers, and type of mission. No more inconvenience or missed meetings.

As a general rule, light jet aircraft such as Cessna Mustang and Cessna CJ2 are suitable for trips up to 2:30 min for with 4-6 passengers. Flight with 6-8 passengers will call for the charter of midsize jets such as Cessna XLS and Challenger 300 which are the best choice for trips of up to 5 hours.

For larger parties with 8 to 16 passengers it is best to focus on the entry level heavy jet category including Challenger 605 and Falcon 2000 as well as long range business jets such as Falcon 7X, Global Express and Gulfstream G550 with a range of up to 6500 nautical miles and up to 13 hrs flight time.

Private Jet Charters & Aircraft Hire Services Ibiza to Palma

EJS are expert private jet charter brokers with years of experience in luxury private jet hire for Ibiza to Palma. When taking an EJS private jet flight, you create your own schedule to meet your requirements, depending on the reason for your private jet flight from Ibiza to Palma. During your VIP private jet flight, you’re ensured a top quality service and all flight arrangement are made especially for you and your convenience. Your luxury private jet from Ibiza to Palma has everything you need, so you can feel relaxed and refreshed, when you arrive in Palma for your vacation or business meeting. If you need that little extra privacy and speed, then an EJS Ibiza to Palma private jet charter is the perfect choice for you.

Hiring VIP jet charters and business jets has become very popular amid business men and celebrities, when travelling from Ibiza to Palma. Customers hire private jets for their convenience, luxury and top quality customer service. Knowing you’re in control of your scheduled VIP private jet flight from Ibiza to Palma, allows you to have peace of mind and a comfortable stress free flight to Palma. EJS will arrange the flight schedule to accommodate your requirements for your flight to Palma. EJS have a varied choice of luxury aircraft for you to choose from. You can choose from the light private jet aircrafts, which can carry 4 to 6 passengers up to the VIP Airliners carrying 18 to 50 passengers. EJS will assist you in making the right choice of private aircraft for your private jet flight from Ibiza to Palma.

Palma de Mallorca airport is located 8 km east of Palma, Majorca, adjacent to the village of Can Pastilla. Also known as Son Sant Joan Airport or Aeroport de Son Sant Joan, it is the third largest airport in Spain, after Madrid's Barajas Airport and Barcelona Airport. During the summer months it is one of the busiest airports in Europe, and was used by 22.7 million passengers in 2011. Due to rapid growth of passenger numbers, additional infrastructure was added to the two terminals A (1965) and B (1972). The airport now consists of four modules: Module A, Module B, Module C and Module D. The airport can handle 25 million passengers per year, with a capacity to dispatch 12,000 passengers per hour.

About Palma
Palma (or Palma de Mallorca),is a historical Spanish city situated on the south coast of the Balearic island of Majorca in the Bay of Palma. A major port and the capital city of the Balearic Islands, Palma proudly traces its history to Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and the remains of a Talaiotic settlement. Today, the city is a world-famous summer holiday destination of the royals as well as international tourists due to its sunny weather and beautiful beaches. Its cosmopolitan heart, embraces many people from Spain and Europe supplemented by migrants from South America and Africa. In addition to rich historical attractions such as Le Seu and BanysÀrabs, Palma’s busy nightlife and lively art scene also draw large number of tourists to the city.

An overview of a few places to visit in Palma

Bellver Castle (Castell de Bellver)
One of the few circular castles in Europe, Bellver Castle was built in the 14th century for King James II. This Gothic style castle was used as a military prison throughout the 18th to mid-20th centuries but today it is a major tourist attraction and the seat for the city's History Museum.

Arab Baths (Banys Arabs)
A tiny tourist attraction near the Convent of the Cathedral, Banys Arabs (Arab Baths) shows the influence of Moorish occupation in Palma, who called it Medina Mayurqa. A fascinating historical site, the roof and columns of this single small bathing chamber are wisely preserved. Its graceful colonnade and proportionate architecture have attracted many architects and history lovers. Banys Arabs show to what heights the Arab culture and architecture had reached during the Middle Ages.

Cathedral of Santa Maria (Cathedral La Seu)
More commonly referred to as La Seu, the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma is a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral built on the site of a pre-existing Arab mosque. King James I of Aragon began the construction of La Seu in 1229 and completed it in 1601. The length of La Seu is 121 metres; the width is 55 metres while its nave is 44 metres tall. Though the cathedral is designed in the Catalan Gothic style, it shows off Northern European influences as well.

Diocesan Museum (MuseoDiocesano)
The collection of arts in Diocesan Museum highlights masterpieces from La Seu Cathedral as well as from other churches and monasteries in the city. These collections are exhibited here, as they cannot be kept at their original places due to safety and security reasons. The museum is spread across three different levels and also has a small residence of monks that permanently live on the site.

When hiring your international private jet charter, luxury private jet or executive jet for your flight from Ibiza to Palma. Consider EJS Aviation, as we are a trusted and experienced jet broker company, with a professional friendly customer service team standing by, to discuss your needs and arrange the appropriate private jet for your flight from Ibiza to Palma.

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