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EJS Aviation Ltd is a Luxury private jet charter company offering quality business & VIP charter jets, with a top quality service arranged by experts down to the very last detail.

Many of EJS private aircraft charters are owned by large corporations and individuals, who rent their luxury aircraft for private charter when not in use by themselves.

EJS are dedicated to the customers needs and choose the best aircraft charter to suit your needs for your flight from Ibiza to Marrakesh.

We carefully select private jets according to your destination, specific needs, schedule, comfort, number of passengers, and type of mission. No more inconvenience or missed meetings.

As a general rule, light jet aircraft such as Cessna Mustang and Cessna CJ2 are suitable for trips up to 2:30 min for with 4-6 passengers. Flight with 6-8 passengers will call for the charter of midsize jets such as Cessna XLS and Challenger 300 which are the best choice for trips of up to 5 hours.

For larger parties with 8 to 16 passengers it is best to focus on the entry level heavy jet category including Challenger 605 and Falcon 2000 as well as long range business jets such as Falcon 7X, Global Express and Gulfstream G550 with a range of up to 6500 nautical miles and up to 13 hrs flight time.

Private Jet Charters & Aircraft Hire Services from Ibiza to Marrakesh

EJS are expert private jet charter brokers with years of experience in luxury private jet hire for Ibiza to Marrakesh. When taking an EJS private jet flight, you create your own schedule to meet your needs, depending on the reason for your private jet flight from Ibiza to Marrakesh. During your VIP private jet flight, you’re ensured a top quality service and all flight arrangements are made especially for you and your time schedule. Your luxury private jet from Ibiza to Marrakesh has everything you need, so you can feel relaxed and refreshed, when you arrive in Marrakesh for your vacation or business meeting. If you need that little extra privacy and speed, then an EJS Ibiza to Marrakesh private jet charter is the perfect choice for you.

Customers hire private jets for their convenience, luxury and speed. When you’re in control of your scheduled VIP private jet flight from Ibiza to Marrakesh; you to have peace of mind and a comfortable stress free flight to Marrakesh. Hiring VIP jet charters and business jets is popular and trendy amid business men and celebrities, when travelling from Ibiza to Marrakesh. EJS will arrange the flight schedule to accommodate your requirements for your flight to Marrakesh. EJS have a choice of luxury aircraft for you to choose from. You can choose from the light private jet aircrafts, which can carry 4 to 6 passengers up to the VIP Airliners carrying 18 to 50 passengers. EJS will assist you in choosing the correct private aircraft for your private jet flight from Ibiza to Marrakesh.

The Marrakesh-Menara Airport is the entry point for tourists that come to visit the beautiful city of Marrakech in Morocco. Terminals – T1 and T2 span an area of 42,000 square meters and are designed to accommodate more than 3 million passengers. Work is in progress on a third terminal to serve more passengers all year round.

About Marrakesh

Marrakech is a bold and vibrant city and has a lot to offer both the adventurous traveller and those who are looking for a bit of luxury. It’s essentially a city of two halves; the Old Town or Medina offers a beautiful but chaotic melding of ancient Moroccan music, culture, food, and architecture, with influences from sub-Saharan African, Islamic, French and the native Berber tribes. In contrast, the New Town offers a more Western European vibe, with designer shops, fancy hotels and restaurants.

An overview of a few places to visit in Marrakesh

Sultan’s palace
Constructed by Sultan Ahmed El-Mansour (1578-1607), the Badii Palace is one of the two principal monuments of the Saadian era (the other is the Saadian Tombs). Today it survives only as a denuded ruin, but once it was a model of triumphal ostentation. Walls and ceilings were encrusted with gold from Timbuktu, while the inner court had a massive central pool with an island, flanked by four sunken gardens. At the centre of each of the four massive walls were four pavilions, also flanked by arrangements of pools and fountains. It took some 25 years to complete the palace and barely were the inaugural celebrations over before the ageing ruler passed away. His palace remained intact for less than a century before the Merenid sultan, Moulay Ismail, had it stripped bare and the riches carted north for his new capital at Meknès

Circle the Koutoubia Mosque
The minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech’s most famous symbol built in a traditional Almohad style and topped with four copper globes – is visible from near and far. It’s not really that high (77 metres), but thanks to local topography and a local ordinance that forbids any other building in the Medina to be higher than a palm tree, it towers majestically over its surroundings. It’s still an active place of worship, and non-Muslims may not enter. But it’s possible to get a good view of the exterior by walking around either side.

The Saadian Tombs
Flanking the south side of the Kasbah Mosque, the site of what is possibly Marrakech’s most visited monument is an ancient walled garden, the use of which far predates the Saadian era. Dotted around the shrubbery are early mosaic graves; the identity of those interred is long lost. Attention instead focuses on the three pavilions built during the reign of Saadian sultan Ahmed El-Mansour. First on the left is the Prayer Hall, which holds numerous graves, mainly of Alaouite princes from the 18th century. Next to it is the Hall of Twelve Columns, a more ornate affair with three central tombs surrounded by a dozen marble pillars. The tomb in the middle is that of Ahmed El-Mansour, flanked by those of his son and grandson. A third, stand-alone pavilion has ornate Andalucian-style entrance portals.

Explore the souks
You will find all sorts in the souks of Marrakech, from incredible antique doors selling for £100, 000 to handmade Berber blankets, spices and mint tea, all the way down to small hand-carved ornaments and trinkets. The spice shops are a particular highlight, with highly fragrant mint tea, frankincense and all manner of traditional soaps, medicines and Berber make-up. I found the best way to explore the convoluted maze of streets and alleyways was to dive in and allow myself to get slightly lost if necessarily. There are a few signs dotted around which will point you back to the Dejeema el Fna, and locals will be happy to help you out if you ask – though if they offer to walk with you they may ask for money. This isn’t a problem as you can politely decline, but often they do a good job of showing you something you’d ordinarily miss, so it doesn’t hurt to give them 10 or 20 dirham (less than £2). Remember when buying things that bartering is part of the Moroccan culture. It can be a lot of fun and a really good way to talk to local people and learn more about their way of life. By the end of the week I was buying things at one sixth of the asking price and being invited for mint tea with shopkeepers.

If you are thinking about renting an business or private jet charter aircraft for your flight from Ibiza to Marrakesh, consider EJS Aviation, as we are a reliable and experienced jet broker company, with a professional friendly customer service team standing by, to discuss your needs and arrange the appropriate private jet for your flight from Ibiza to Marrakesh.

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